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Families Save Money & You Raise Funds!

Imagine a fundraiser that raises funds you need, helps your community save money and supports local merchants.

What about those busy parents? Would they love to access savings “On the Go”?

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Our Promise To You


Use one or two coupons and the book pays for itself! Upgrading your next Date Night at your local restaurant just got easier. Your City Saver Coupon book makes saving where you live and shop easy.


We understand that if you are not successful, we are not successful. In addition to your local representative, our customer service team is ready to serve. We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


Books are provided on consignment, so there is NO upfront investment and whatever you don’t sell, you just return, so there is NO risk!


We get kids! Your local Southwestern Fundraising Representative is part motivational speaker, part customer service and 100% effective. Customizing fun and profitable fundraisers is our specialty.

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The City Saver fundraising program offers you a fun and easy-to-sell way to raise funds fast and is extremely effective because the product helps everyone SAVE MONEY!

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