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City Saver is a discount program that advertises your business, helps drive new customers to your door, all while helping local schools and charities raise money… and all of this at NO COST TO YOU!

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How It Works

The City Saver Mobile App is sold through local schools, teams, and groups as a fundraiser. Participation is FREE and there are NO rollover contracts. We will contact you each year for permission to run your offers in our discount programs. You provide at least one strong offer and our team will do the rest. 

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Why It Works

Your one-time use-only offers are featured on our popular mobile app. The geo-locate feature brings customers right to your door. We can link customers to your website, social media channels, and your app if applicable. You can add a coupon code to track redemptions.

By participating, you are helping local schools raise funds, which increases your community’s goodwill. Research shows that more than 90% of parents will support a business that supports their child’s school.

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while helping your business grow.